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cars procurement service

Chinese cars procurement service

As local China company to purchase specific types of cars on demand our overseas car buyers. on demand of buyer’s demand: car brand, type, year, units, China domestic price, port and appointed cars supplier at China, we go ahead to complete China domestic purchasing, as local buyer by local price. After purchasing, we will deal with car export process, including car export license and file, deliver cars to Shanghai port warehouse, cars will be in status of ready for shipping.

Pricing method

  • China loca car price

  • Actual shipping charge

  • Actual car export license and file charge

  • Service commission

Transparent quotation

  •  On demand of your request: car brand, type,units and nearest port 

Customization service

Simplify Process

  • Packaging

  • Delivery

  • Cargo tracking

  • After service suppots


  • Language settings

  • Automoble modifications

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection

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