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We export cars from China to customer's appointed port on time!

We export both new and used cars from China to customer’s appointed port(CIF), Welcome to contact us ! We have reasonable and competitive CIF price model.  (inquiry format: BYD, E2 basic, 2023, 3 units,Poti port)

Your message is sent successfully! Thanks for contact with us! Will reply with your inquiry in time


Tel:+86 156 1811 2929

WeChat:+156 1811 2929

WhatsApp:+86 185 1602 9063




Add:Rm 531,  Building 12,Hangtou Road 158,Pudong District, Shanghai,China

P.C 201316



Note: WhatsApp dosen't always work well at China, mostly we use WeChat for instant message connection. You can leave us message, when we check with message, will reply to you in time.
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