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How to import cars from China

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

How to import cars directly from China


We are now exporting cars directly from China domestic market; we are one of few authorized companies who can export cars (both new and used) since 2019. If you want to import cars directly from China domestic market by authorized and reliable channel, meanwhile enjoy China domestic car price just like local buyers, our company is your choice. But may we let you know China just begin to open parallel export channel since 2019, it is a new business from China, we receive a lot of inquires, for us valid inquiries is our customs who are familiar with China domestic car price, and also with idea about current shipping charge from China.

Blow is frequently asked questions and our answers:

Q: What is the price of your cars:

Generally when you consider to import cars directly from China domestic market, the minimum cost is China domestic market price+shipping charge+X.

About China domestic market price: In China, China domestic car price is almost clear and transparent. There are many China domestic websites publish cars info with price. If you are customers want to import cars directly from China domestic market, we suggest you need do some research on it firstly. Blow is one of China domestic car website, which is impartial third party website. But remember that is not our company’s website and it is China local domestic website, so t is only with Chinese language, we cannot translate it for you, if you want to translate it to your language, you can use Google Chrome browser.

China new car price :

China used car price :

Note: Our company also publishes cars info with price and specifications by WeChat. Normally our price is not higher than China domestic price. If you’ve had basic idea about China domestic market price, welcome to add us by Wechat for formal quotation. Our WeChat is +86 153 1720 8039

About delivery charge: Usually first order to have a try, delivery option is container by sea or by Sino-Euro train, RORO, and road transportation to near countries from China. Normally 20GP container, 1 or 2 cars, 40GP container, 3 or 4 cars. If you have your own shipping company for shipping, it is also ok.

About X: mainly it is car export license charge, mandatory technical inspection from China government, to make sure each car export from China to meet with China car export quality regulation request, there is an official inspection report for each car. There are also other costs like inland transportation charge to port. Normally if 1 car for a try, X is USD925/car. More cars, cost will be lower. China domestic car cannot be exported directly, car export license file is required, without it, it is not a legal way to import cars from China, customs will refuse it.

In a word, if you receive quotation which is lower than China domestic market price+shipping charge+X, which it is not a reasonable quotation, and there is potential risks that China and your country’s customs will refuse the cars. Meanwhile, for our company, if any inquiries which are looking for cars lower than China domestic market price+shipping charge+X, our company are not able to deal with it and we will consider it as invalid inquiry.

Q Dose you company has some privileged price cars in stock?

We have some cars which could be a little bit lower than our domestic market price, but remember there is such so called “cheap cars”. If you want to see our cars in stock, firstly we suggest you should know our domestic price. After that, you can add us by Wechat, we only publish cars info with price which meet with export condition by Wechat.

Q I’ve seen China domestic car manufacturer’s website, their price is lower than your price:

It is possible. Car manufacturer’s price is only factory reference price to China domestic wholesale reseller, when final China individual buy it, the price normally is around USD900 higher than factory reference price. Meanwhile If you are overseas buyer, you cannot enjoy China domestic price, they will recommend you overseas version. From our company, we are parallel export/import channel, not factory channel.

Q I want to buy VW,BYD, Honda,BMW… (all brand of cars), can you please let me know your price:

Generally we can export to you most types of cars if available at China domestic market for both new and used cars. But there are almost all brands of cars from worldwide in China domestic market, thanks for understand we cannot list them all to you. Valid inquiry we can reply is with blow info: 1 Your country and nearest port 2 Specific type of car you are looking for (it is better if it is with a link of China domestic car price and info 3 if used cars, also specific type, production year. 4 Units, if first order have a try

Q If I have cars in China with China plate, can you help me to export:

Sure, If you bought cars by yourself in China, that is great, it will save plenty of time to help you to choose cars. It will be even better if you’ve already with your own shipping company, We will issue you car export license soon, with car export license, any shipping company can do delivery for you.

Q How can your company ensure the quality of the cars?

1 All cars if want to be in status of ready to be exported, car export license for each car is required, only those cars meet with China car export quality regulations can be issued, so all the cars we export have to be from legal and normal China.

2 There is mandatory car technical inspection by China government for each car before export to make sure it meets with standard of China car export regulation; the standard is stricter than China domestic car quality inspection regulations.

More questions, you can email us: Tel: +86 153 1720 8039

How to import cars directly from China
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