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Office Supplies

File management:

Hole folders (two-hole, three-hole folders), non-hole folders (single clips, double clips, long clips, etc.), report clips, board clips, category folders, hangovers Folders, computer clips, bill holders, file boxes, information books, portfolios, document sets, card cases/volumes, CD packages/registers, briefcases, zipper bags, card pockets, filing cabinets, data racks, file baskets, book shelves , photo album, drawing folder

Tabletop supplies:

stapler, staple remover, puncher, scissors, utility knife, paper cutter, ticket holder, stapler series, pencil sharpener, glue stick, glue, tape, tape dispenser, calculator, caliper Pen holders, pen holders, calendar holders, conference cards

Office Book:

Wireless bound book, spiral book, leather book, loose-leaf notebook, paper-based book, newspaper post, sticky note, memo paper/box, conference notebook

Writing correction supplies:

gel pen (pen), ballpoint pen, pencil, desk pen, whiteboard pen, highlighter pen, pen, marker pen, watercolor pen, POP pen, eraser, correction fluid, correction tape, ink refill, soft pen , crayons (oil pastels), brush

Office paper: copy paper, fax paper, computer paper, color copy paper, photo paper, ink-jet printing paper, coated paper, inkjet paper, drawing paper, all through paper, adhesive printing paper, other paper


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