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LED interior lighting sourcing range:

spot light, ceiling light, ceiling light, down light, bulb light, light tube, flat light, kitchen light.


there are spotlights, spotlights, and spotlights. Normally, it is necessary to use a spotlight to illuminate a particular location with an angle (the angle of the spotlight can be 15 degrees. 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, etc.), but due to some spotlights (ceiling spotlights) according to its installation method (embedded to the ceiling), many factories have combined ceiling spotlights and down lights.

Ceiling light:

 (mainly from the lens The second time to change the angle, because the LED lamp beads are packaged out of 120 degrees, need to do the angle is through the lens for the second time to change the angle) so it can be called ceiling spotlights


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