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Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tile is a beautiful option for any bulding. It can present endless design possibilities, available in different colors ,shapes, patterns and glazes. Ceramic tiles are made of clay, which is fired at high temperatures within a clay oven or kiln to dry and harden the material.

Our designer can help you find  tiles that suit your design style, budget and usage.

We source variety of ceramic tiles for our clients. 

By usage, Our sourcing include : floor tile,  wall tile, interior wall tile ,exterior wall tile ,indoor floor tile,outdoor tile ,plaza tile.

By pruduction technique, our ceramic tile sourcing covers: Vitrified Tiles,Double Loading Tiles,Soluble Salts Tiles.

By size: 600 x 600mm,300 x 300mm,100 x 100mm,300 x 600mm,1000 x 1000mm,800 x 800mm;400 x 400mm,200 x 200mm,500 x 500mm,200 x 300mm


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