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Shanghai Leading Beacon Sourcing  Company Limited 

We export cars from China to customer's appointed port

We are parallel car exporter from Shanghai China. We export cars to overseas customer’s appointed port, by reasonable and competitive price model: China local price with actual delivery charge. (CIF)

China just worded out new policy for parallel cars export since 2018, we are one of first company who begin to export cars directly from China .Following car export license we hold, we are allowed to export most types of cars from China.

We supply both new and used cars, including car accessory and spare parts.

We deliver cars to overseas customers by shipping, truck and train from China.

Our customers are also our future business partner. Based on the principle of mutual benefit, we have long-term cooperation and provide high-quality cars, excellent transportation services and corresponding customs and document services for overseas car buyers.

Cars procurement

  • Car procurement on demand: car brand, type, year, units, nearest port

  • New and used cars, gasoline and EV cars

  • Used construction machinery

  • Drones and aviation products

  • By clear cost model-China domestic price with actual delivery charge

Car export license and files

  • Car export license and file

  • China side customs clearance

  • Mandatory car inspection report before export

  • Shipping documents: MSDS report, CO-certificate of origin

  • Third party inspection report

  • Transfers your cars from China local plate into status of ready for shipping

Cars shipping

  • RoRo shipping

  • Cars shipping by container

  • In land transportation by cars trailer

  • Cars international transportation by train: China-Europe train,China-Laos railway  



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